A trip to London, the Capital of England, promises amazing experiences as you take time out to explore its top attractions. To make the most of your stay, here are a list of attractions that should top your itinerary.

  1. London Museum

The Museum of London is a must-visit on your visit to the capital.  The view and sight of this architectural masterpiece is a stunning beauty to behold. It holds lots of British History; its legendary exhibitions shows how London evolved through the ages from prehistory to the great city it has become today. Entry fee is free

  1. Kew Gardens

The Kew Garden is a sanctuary of green bliss and calm surrounding. This glass-like dome-shaped Kew Garden is like a transparent train terminal. It’s a safe house for beautiful plants and flowers. The Royal Botanical Garden has a palm house that is home to its very own tropical rainforest, an 18-meter-high treetop walkway that gives visitors breathtaking experiences, and a glasshouse for alpine plants. Entry costs about (£16) for adults.

  1. Buckingham Palace

This iconic palace is a must see especially for first-time visitors. It’s the official dwelling place of the Queen of England, it has about 774 rooms and holds thousands of guests each year for great royal events, ceremonies, and garden parties.

  1. Kensington Palace

This palace was once home to the late Princess Diana of Wales but is the Royal residence of the new Duke and Duchess of Cornwall (Royal Family). This picturesque Palace provides avenues to learn about her Majesty, the Queen and her monarch’s beautiful exhibitions. You can explore the history of royal weddings and the extraordinary lives of royal leaders such as Queen Victoria. Entry commands up to (£19.50) for adults.

  1. Tower Bridge

The Tower Bridge is sometimes mistaken for London Bridge by tourists; This Bridge is beautifully designed with a feature that divides the bridge into two to ease traffic on the waterways. The upgraded glass walkway gives a priceless walk for pedestrians. Entry costs about (£9.80) for adults. 

  1. Big Ben Tower

Big Ben is one of the most popular landmarks in the London metropolis. Construction of the clock was completed in 1859, which makes it over 150 years old! This elevated piece of art brings a lot of joy to Londoners because it is still standing tall after all the chaos of World War 2. It is also particularly lovely to look at in the evenings when the four clock faces are illuminated. Entry costs about (£28) for adults.

  1. London Eye

The London Eye is recorded as the world’s tallest Ferris wheel on the bank of the River Thames. The wheel stands tall at 443 feet and has a diameter of 120 meters.  A complete wheel turn takes about 30 minutes, and the capsules provide visitors with a stunning 360° view of London. It is a real beauty at night when it comes alive with bright neon colours. Tourists are entertained with a glass of royal champagne as they enjoy a sweet ride. A standard ride on the wheel is about (£23.40).

  1. The Shard Building

The Shard is the tallest skyscraper in London and Western Europe. It is about 310 meters into the sky and made up of 72 outstanding stories. The Shard is home to apartments, hotel, offices, a retail arcade, and restaurants and bars. The topmost floor gives you a panoramic view of the city. Entry costs about (£30.95) for adults.

Do take advantage of the following and you can be sure to have nothing short of a fun experience in London.