Best Health Care in London

The UK National Health Service (NHS) stands as one of the leading health services with one of the world’s best public healthcare systems. The NHS is complemented by a wide range of excellent public hospitals. It gives free health care to British nationals and visitors from European countries, Australia and New Zealand. All other non-British residents have to pay for their treatment except you have lived in the UK for more than 12 months.

You should have a thorough medical checkup before your arrival in the UK. If you require medical attention and cannot be treated before leaving your own country, you will have to check to be sure if the ailment can be cared for in the UK. It is recommended that all visitors and new residents take out extra insurance before arriving in the country, some may be asked to pay a visa surcharge. To find out more about this and how it affects their situation, expats should visit the UK government website.

There are many public and private hospitals in and around London. Some offer specialist surgeons, but not all have a dedicated Emergency service. All hospitals with an emergency service will accept you without an NHS number. Patients are treated in order of urgency. Healthcare specialists recently researched for The Times newspaper to determine the state of hospitals in the country, revealing the best and worst performers.

While the quality of care in public and private hospitals is on par, the NHS is known for its long waiting times. On the other hand, Private healthcare can be an excellent and relatively stress-free way of managing health issues, if and when they arise. The National Health Service has long since been under considerable strain meaning that choice of clinician and prompt treatment for non-emergencies cannot be guaranteed. With a private plan, you have more control and opportunity to decide when, where and from whom you receive treatment.

The private healthcare plan is not restricted to time spent in the UK either. Private healthcare packages can be extended to cover time spent travelling overseas and issues that arise on domestic soil. We work with a range of providers to ensure that no matter where you are, your health is protected as best it can be.

The Best UK private healthcare providers are;

  • HCA
  • Spire
  • BMI Healthcare
  • Ramsay
  • Nuffield Health

List of Public hospitals in London with addresses

  • Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

Address: 369 Fulham Road, Chelsea, London

  • Guy’s Hospital

Address: Great Maze Pond, London

  • King’s College Hospital

Address: Denmark Hill, Brixton, London

  • Royal Brompton Hospital

Address: Sydney Street, Chelsea, London

  • St Bartholemew’s Hospital

Address: West Smithfield, London 

Address: 117A Harley St, Marylebone, London W1G 6AT

When you are looking for a Private GP in London, Medical Express Clinic is here to help. Our friendly and experienced doctor in Harley Street is amongst the best private GPs as well. Whether you have a chronic condition or just a common cold, your private doctor is dedicated to providing you with excellent care.

Address: 117A Harley St, Marylebone, London W1G 6AT

Medical Express Clinic in Harley Street, is a reputed Walk in Clinic in London designed to provide you fast medical treatment with the help of our special private GPs and doctors and also with minimal travel and wait times.

From allergies, coughs and colds, to everything in between or any emergency, our team of qualified Walk in doctor will treat your condition quickly and compassionately the very same day. If necessary, your helpful Walk in doctors in London can even immediately refer you to one of our experienced consultant specialists.

Open seven days a week with convenient daytime and evening hours, our Harley Street walk in clinic is here to provide you with urgent care that won’t disrupt your schedule.

Whatever your health plan or condition might be, you can be guaranteed of getting excellent health care services in London. All you need to do is decide on which of the health care rendering services will be more befitting for you –either the private or the public hospitals. With the above health care centres, you don’t have to panic anymore about your health challenge.