Have you ever asked yourself why you need a rug for the room? It’s not just the beauty it adds to your home that makes the need compelling. A rugged room adds a different shine to the home. You can sit anywhere in your room feeling the softness of the rug against your feet. It gives your room an impressive look that appeals to you and others as well.

Rugs make your room stay tidier; it sucks up all the dust in the air. It also keeps the room warmer and creates more space.

Persian rugs are great, but using them as part of your interior décor can be delicate especially if you are in London. Knowing where to buy Persian carpets in London is very important. Here’s how you can make good use of them in your home.

  • Living Room

The living room is obviously the first room in the home. It is welcoming to you and your guests which is why it should be styled perfectly. The living room is where you can probably find a rug underneath a chair or table leg. When decorating with Persian rugs, matching the patterns is important. Try pairing your rug with dark woods, rich fabrics, magnolia walls, and warm colours like yellow or red to create that comfortable atmosphere.

  • Kitchen

The powerhouse of the home is the kitchen. Some families eat their food in the kitchen. These days, kitchen décor is evolving including the addition of a stylish Turkish or Persian rug to this important part of the home. They also add texture and are long-lasting. With our Persian rugs, the dirt will hide, and you’ll be comfortable.

  • Bathroom

The fact that we spend less time in the bathroom doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be attractive. Add creativity and balance to your bathroom by using a Persian rug. Be rest assured that they never go out of trend and will always match any bathroom fitting or fixtures.

  • Bedroom

Your bedroom tells so much about your personality. Why not create that grandeur of a VIP-suite in your bedroom by injecting the royalty which comes with Persian rugs. The rug can seat under your bed frame with matching beddings to warm your feet when you wake up. You can place it under a bedside table or on either side of your bed. Remember, not only can Persian rugs be used on the floor; they can hang on your walls as pictures you’ll always admire.

  • Other Spaces

Places like your entrance hallways and stairways can give a grand entrance with Persian rugs. With a plethora of intriguing and beautiful designs to choose from, you can splash your other spaces with pieces of these artistic rugs. You’ll be surprised at the life it would bring into some of these spaces that are often forgotten.

Complement your pieces of artworks with Persian rugs. Don’t forget that your home is you. Are you an art lover and searching for where to buy Persian rugs in London? Look no further!

If you would like more home ideas with the use of Persian rugs, feel free to contact us. We keep it coming every time.

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