Places for Brunch

Are you in London and wondering where will be a sweet spot to take brunch? Well, we’ve got you covered. London has lots of amazing places for brunch but below is a list of carefully handpicked brunch spots that will keep you asking for more.

  1. Berners Tavern

Berners Tavern is located in Ian Schrager’s grand London Edition Hotel, off Oxford Street. It is the perfect place to relax and read the papers or host a breakfast meeting. Seize the opportunity to savour some of the fantastic British dishes the restaurant offers; including Lincolnshire poacher, smoked ham omelette and grilled kippers on a watercress and parsley salad.

  1. Swan, Shakespeare’s Globe

Located at the heart of the iconic Shakespeare’s Globe, Swan is a riverside retreat fitting for any brunch connoisseur. The restaurant offers polished British classics with a French twist – think Lake District bacon served in fluffy, buttery brioche buns. There are different choices to be made from the menu; ranging from the homemade spicy beans to a square of black pudding that will rank as the most delicious breakfast component you will taste in a long while.

  1. Hoi Polloi

Ace Hotel’s Hoi Polloi is slightly different from your average East London brunch spot, the decadently minimal art-deco room with good sounds of music. You can make your choice from brunch classics, eggs Florentine to syrup-soaked French Toast with banana, candied pecans and maple syrup. Expect to receive impeccable service, see copious amounts of hipsters from every depth of East London and bask in the aura of your pop music dreams.

  1. Bernardis

Just a little escape from London’s busiest areas is the Bernardis. The breakfast menu is short and simple. Visiting on weekends gives you more choices to make.  You should endeavour to order a couple of their Blood Orange bellinis – coffee which has been on the lips of many.

  1. Bad Egg 

The grey environs of Moorgate don’t exactly scream “weekend”, but Bad Egg’s boozy brunch has fast become a favourite with a surprisingly cool clientele. It’s best for “brunch”— a new, bottomless brunch every Friday. With just £35, you can explore a menu of modern American classics alongside endless bubbles coupled with some old-school hip-hop.

  1. The Jam Tree, Clapham

The Jam Tree Clapham knows just how to give you that bottomless brunch and the boozy trend in London. It is a vibe zone you cannot afford to miss. In their large outdoor beer/brunch garden, corks are whizzing left, right and centre, bottles popping and fizzing. It never seizes to puzzle with customers made up of different age groups, all lively and loud. For just under twenty pounds, you get a two-hour window in which you can enjoy as much prosecco as you can stomach, and some pretty tasty dishes like poached eggs and smashed avo on sourdough, Shakshouka – a bowl of eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, chilli peppers, onions and many more.

  1. Aquavit

Aquavit serves up a perfect New Nordic dining menu and offers one of the most exquisite brunches you will try here in London. With a relaxed and fresh ambience, friendly Scandi staff that will definitely put any early morning stress at ease. The view of the glamorous interior is breathtaking – from the sparkling gold bar to the kite-height ceiling is a where you will want to visit again.

Do have an amazing time with a visit to any of the brunch spots listed above.