Are you looking for a nice spot to shop in London? Do you wish to visit the best shopping malls ever built? You might want to take a break and consider which city has it all when it comes to impressive shopping malls. The city of London is not just famous but a city with incredible shopping centres that could take your breathe away with quality services, fantastic products and the aura that comes along with it. Discovering which shopping centres to visit might be hectic.

No problems at all as we have compiled a list of the top shopping malls in London.


Westfield is One of the best Malls in the world –great food, awesome cinema and good places to shop for everything you need. It Occupies 46 acres and covers nine different postcodes. Westfield London took the crown of Europe’s biggest shopping centre when it opened in 2008. It features about 360 retailers. You better be prepared for your shopping, or you could be there for a while.


Hay’s Galleria is a unique kind of shopping centre in the heart of London’s South Bank just near the bustling London Bridge station which also contains a mini shopping centre these days. Hay’s has mostly small shops and little cafes, so it’s a very different type of shopping experience.  It’s a little bit the symbol for the whole of the South Bank experience, in that you can soak up the history, gasp at the modern skyscrapers that have sprouted all around the station and then walk a little further –scratch the surface and absorb more history.

Hay’s provides the perfect place for a little stop off and a quick browse of souvenirs and little gems before moving on. Don’t come here expecting clothes but if relaxation is what you desire then Hay’s Galleria is definitely for you.


The Whitgift shopping centre was the largest shopping centre in London until the opening of Westfield London at White City in October 2008. It is sited at Croydon London opened in 1968. This three storey shopping centre houses more than 300 retail outlets and a wide range of restaurants and cafes with the ground floor reserved for parking of vehicles.


Another noteworthy shopping centre is Westfield Stratford City. This does not mean it should be considered least among these malls as this list would never be complete without Westfield Stratford City. It is usually called the city in a city. It houses over 250 retail units alongside 80 restaurants, bars and cafés, a 17-screen digital cinema and All-Star bowling lanes.

Final Verdict:

You definitely don’t want to miss out this amazing shopping centres in the great City of London.

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